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“Linux Platforms truly unbeatable” !!..??

A new era has ushered in the history of computers and networking as the Linus Torvald on 1992 released a UNIX like operating system LINUX as the first complete free software operating system. Over the passage of time this had scaled a considerable growth and refinement, now this typical distribution encompasses everything the end user needs at an enterprise level or the personal favorite of most of the user’s personal systems.

Giving a serious thought on Linux penetration from Raspberry Pi to the most powerful supercomputers, the reason for the explosive growth of Linux and why it necessitate to switch from Windows to Linux lead us to the following conclusion:

Cloud is the future in IT and Linux its life blood: It is an observed fact that most of the enterprise level customers are adopting Cloud services or moving to Cloud platform as it is flexible, interoperable, heterogeneous, high performance and low cost.

Cloud servers are highly customizable and workloads in any Cloud platform are mostly developed or run on Linux. One major reason is that higher end technologies like containers and other analytic tools are developed in Linux.  Moreover many of the cloud platforms like AWS and OpenStack are based on operating system to start off with.

Highly secure: Linux systems form very strong defense against malware because of the significant features like root account, file permissions, data verifications, encrypted storage, host integrity testing, system recovery, system firewall, application isolation etc. Since Linux is a Unix like operating system only root can directly carry out the administrative function and access to the system is only based on the privilege level set by the administrator. More over software is supplied in the form of packages rather than programmes. Hence most of the global Banking, Industrial, Space Research, Defense Solutions, Data Centers run on Linux.

Less cost: Linux can be downloaded free from any location but for technical support and assistance from any quarters need payment. In many studies it is estimated that Linux works out to a much lower total cost of ownership when compared to Windows. Linux working professionals and users do have a lot of highly effectively interactive online forum where most of the technical issues are discussed, hence any one could trouble shoot there issues easily through expert consultation .

Availability of applications: Initially there was an acute dearth in the application supportable in the Linux platform. This scenario has totally changed, now any application is readily available as per our requirement in the form of packages. For Desktop friendly use application such as SoftMaker Office or the open source Libre Office is much effective in comparison with Microsoft Office

Developer friendly: At present many of the latest app platform like Dockers and Kubernete run on Linux this makes Linux one of the vital platform for the developers in their development task. Recently one of the most amazing news from Microsoft that they are planning for a version of SQL Server to run on Linux is definitely a well quoted recognition of Linux dominance. More over more than 90% of the Fortune Global companies use Linux products and services

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