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Linux professionals on high demand

Technological flare-ups clouded in the scenario of IT in the recent past shows an engrossing effect in the deployment of Enterprise Linux. Interestingly, Linux foundation report released recently says that in the past few years Linux operating system dominates over Windows on both cloud and enterprise application deployment. However it’s true that windows still continue to be the Desktop favorite, but while speaking of Enterprise level and cloud Microsoft’s desperation is evident, Linux flare definitely leads the industry. The Linux Foundation report shows that there is a tremendous increase in the Linux application deployments from 65% to 79%, whereas the deployment of Windows has fallen from 45% to 36% over the last 4 years.

It is further acknowledged that Linux is the enjoying and leading Enterprise shift to cloud. In the survey conducted  by Linux foundation, almost around 75% of the enterprises reported that they use Linux as the primary cloud platform. In total, less than 24% uses Windows and a minority of 2% uses Unix. Substantiating the buzz behind Microsoft CEO, Mr. Satya Nadella’s love for Linux, the scenario now becomes evident that “love” is actually a “need”

Red Hat the top rated Enterprise Linux giant spanning more than 90% of Fortune Global companies with Red Hat products and solutions opens a huge opportunities for the IT aspirants, Red Hat having made such a rapid growth in the techno front, finding the right linux talents has become a matter of concern to the industrial entrepreneurs. To know more on why there be such a leading margin read…

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