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Linux and open source take over the IT world!!!

Linux.winning.trRecently, millions of tech lovers around the world got stuck in a hot newscast about who is so passionately embracing Linux? ..uh Linux users who once weighed Microsoft as “The Evil Empire” sensed this with quite wonder and amazement when Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft announced that “Microsoft Loves Linux”. Another sensation that moved the Linux lovers is that Apple open-sourced its newest hottest programming language and yet another that cloud couldn’t run without Linux and open source software.

Accommodating this reality, Today Microsoft has brought .NET Core to Linux, it support GNU/Linux on its Azure cloud. Microsoft in 2016 we will see the company offer the open-source Hadoop big data software on Linux. Microsoft even has its own, specialized Linux distribution: Azure Cloud Switch. Thus the hostile moods of Microsoft to Linux gives way to romantic moods as It’s doing very well by embracing Linux, open-source software, and open-source development methods

Even Apple, though more proprietary than Microsoft, has finally gotten a clue. In 2015, Apple announced that it would open-source its hot new Swift language. Oh, and Apple didn’t just open source it, it released a Swift Linux port. Apple being a vertically integrated hardware company than mere software company it may not go to that extend as that Microsoft had.

According to the senior source, in the present context of IT works there is a huge convergence to cloud and cloud based technologies and much of it already run in Linux platform and uses open source server programs.

Interestingly, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest cloud of all! Bigger than all the other public clouds put together! It runs on a customized version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) code.Looking ahead, this trend will only continue. OpenStack, a pure open-source cloud play with vast support, continues to grow in popularity.

Reference: http://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-and-open-source-have-won-get-over-it

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