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Links in Linkedin Stories

Hey, This is so interesting that LinkedIn now launched a new update that can link out to anything and users can access it with a simple swipe up. The LinkedIn stories introduced in September 2020 has now got an astonishing feature that gives businesses and the marketing world more reasons to use it. The nature of the feature format makes it fit for Instagram and Snapchat.

LinkedIn can now drive meaningful traffic into the company websites, eCommerce websites, your latest blog post, new job openings, or anything else you want to drive attention to. The users can access it with a single swipe up. People who are using stories in other platforms would be familiar with this feature in LinkedIn. This feature in LinkedIn can help to share success stories and achievements in businesses and other competitive fields.

There is a relatively small update but really helpful. There was an option that was only available to high profile users (like Richard Branson) to have follow button instead of connect button, but now all users can make the button available on their profile. An interesting thing about the followers is they are more likely to see you in their feeds and can join your conversation.  Technically all your first-degree connections are your followers, till they choose not to stay. But still, it will make more sense to use follow CTA on your profile. This option makes it easy to establish relationships with the users who want to hear from you. This also helps members to stay connected and up to date.

Here is how you can choose the follow button as a choice:

  • Go to settings
  • Now go to the Privacy tab
  • In that listing, you can find the ‘who can follow you’ option’
  • Choose everyone on LinkedIn

This option is available only in mobile applications now and not via desktop.

The swipe-up option is only available to  :

  • LinkedIn pages
  • Those who have at least 5,000 followers or connections
  • Those who have a follow button instead of the connect button

Facebook is facing the biggest challenge with LinkedIn by this update to bring links in the stories

Here is how you can add a link to your story:

  • Create a story by adding a photo or video to it
  • Tap the link icon at the top of the screen which looks like a chain
  • Add the url you wish to add under  Add a link
  • Select applicable button
  • Tap done
  • Click on share story

Most of the time stories get more attention in social media platforms than the regular posts. Therefore adding links to your stories will help you to bring more attention and traffic to your website. A swipe up motion is more easy to use  and the user will be more willing to swipe instead of taping on something.

Following the footsteps of instagram, snapchat and facebook the linked stories also remain for 24 hours. There are a lot of marketing benefits of social media stories. More than 500 million people use stories a day. The main benefit of this is it will always stay at top. It provides quick imagery and boosts familiarity. There are no limits for the photos and contents like videos to post as stories, you can post as much as stories you can post as your wish. The sequence of stories will help the audience to stay in our content instead of scrolling through the random posts in the feeds.

Small businesses can use images and videos to reach the right audiences. The engagement with the audiences will remain unbroken with the help of social media stories. Through stories are kept as a separate channel from your profile. You can reach the audience easily and without clogging up with the news feeds or your profile.It increases the post volume.

Stories show transparency of your company which will increase the trust and intimacy of your company to the audiences. Stories are great to show off the folks who work behind  the scenes and can create magic with live events. Stories are a great way to announce special promotions, events and job openings.

LinkedIn stories are a quick and easy way to share professional updates in an engaging way. Users can mention accounts, add stickers to the stories, add texts etc. Once the story is published they can share it through direct messages also. Stories have a significant impact on every brand. When we use it very well they can make a vast difference in business and promotions. You can produce a high amount of story contents with very low cost. You can produce a lot of stories, but always should give priority to the content. The image and video contents are more attractive and catchable to the audience to get noted. Social media stories are much and more important in usage for both individuals and businesses.


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