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Li-fi Hotspots the revolution next

Typical Hot spots that uses Wi Fi technology is going to be replaced by li-fi technology which uses visible spectrum rather than radio wave. This technological shift will make the Hot spots 100 times more efficient than Wi-Fi technology and will be capable of a performance speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigabit per second). This budding technology only requires a LED light source, internet connectivity and a photo detector. This technology has been tested in an industrial space where it was found operational.

Speaking to the International Business Times, chief executive Deepak Solanki said that the technology could reach consumers “within three to four years”. This big move is ought to opens a new horizon where billions of electric bulbs get transformed to wireless hotspots. This technology has a huge advantage over Wi-fi in terms of compatibility, unlike Wi-fi it do not interfere with other radio waves, Hence it could be used in places like aircraft where wi-fi usage is an issue.

Despite of its advantage Li-fi raises few major concerns about its usability outdoor in direct sunlight and to what extend it could crosscut opaque surfaces. May be in the initial commercial venture it may be used to supplement Wi-fi networks before it could trigger a new revolution in wireless technology

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