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Latest Interview questions for Sys admins – 1

What the candidate is passionate about?

1. How do you stay up to date in the field?
Obviously, a person with true passion spends outside office hours building their knowledge by going for latest certification and adopting multifarious means for mastering technologies.

2. How do you connect with others in your profession?
A person with true passion loves the company of others who are equally immersed in the field to share the knowledge and experience. Involvement in forums, groups, professional organizations will add advantage to your views.

3. When have you been most satisfied in your work in your previous position?
This will tend to access a person whether he seeking comfort with culture or a particular work style or really looking for a platform for putting his passion to work in doing a particular type of job. Success stories with your initiatives and collaboration with peers would be ideal.

4. What exactly do you love about technology?
It would scale the area that the candidate is passionate about. It may not have direct imprints on the work space. It can also accommodate views on how you developed a passion for the technology.

5. How you rate this profile fit for your passion?
For answering this you have to work out on the exact nature of the job and your strength and have to convince the hiring managers that your strengths have an exact fit with their requirements

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