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Java Expectations Vs Reality

The father of the Java programming language is James Gosling. In the early 1990s, James Gosling and his colleagues were working at Sun Microsystems and during that period they developed Java programming language.Java is not an object-oriented programming language, more than that it is a high-level and class-based programming language. The main advantage of Java is it shares the syntax with the C programming language. Even though the Java compiler is written in Java code, the JRE (java Runtime environment) has been written in the C programming language. The latest release of Java is Java SE 16.

The goal of this blog is to think about the expectations and reality of programming languages. The languages will be stronger without any reason, but it has its limitations. Moreover, the language has well-built popularity, then also it has its rivals. Now, there are different types of programming languages with their features, yet programming languages are using the same syntax that has been used in Java.

Why is Java popular among programmers? 

Java programs can be run using a single computer together with distributed networks and servers. This is one of the powerful reasons why java is popular among programmers. Accordingly, using java simple to higher-end mobile apps can be developed with all advanced features. Besides, the same applications will support web applications. Another attractive feature of java is it can run on all operating systems provided the java runtime environment is installed, that is why Java is known as platform-independent.

In Windows, Linux Os and Mac OS, and more can install the Java runtime environment. Especially, in the case of Android apps that are used in our mobile phones that have been built in java. Before starting a career as a Java developer, a proper understanding and planning are necessary. As a beginner, proper guidance should be there in the Java programming language. The language has its pros and cons, to software developers we should compare the expectations and reality of Java programming.

Honestly, learning java programming is always an add-on for a software developer, if they learn any other programming language later on for building a better career. The main benefit of the Java programming language is, the developer who has knowledge of the Java programming syntax can work in multiple languages including C/C++, PHP, Javascript, Perl, and more because this language is using a similar syntax. Also, these categories of languages use the universal syntax of Java.

Programming is a style of problem-solving, this point is always kept on the mind. When a programmer starts a career in developing, improving logical and analytical skills through that different types of programming languages can be learned within weeks, it will always brush up the knowledge and enhance the updated technologies. The expectation and reality of Java programming come with not a matter, there will be no loss in learning the Java language.

Why does it still make sense to learn Java in 2020? 

Definitely, Java is one of the oldest programming languages that is still used in advanced technologies. There are a plethora of languages to learn, then learn Java programming language to build up a good future. One of the genuine programming languages is Java due to its flexibility and versatility. In every major contemporary programming language, the major syntax of Java has been covered, this is one of the reasons the developers love the language Java and also shouldn’t shrug away from learning. Furthermore, Java is getting upgraded to work in leading technologies. Those who want to make a career in mobile apps must learn how to program in Java because most of the mobile apps are built in Java as mentioned above.

In addition, Java is a classic language. New versions of the Java programming language are released, the latest version of Java has been mentioned above and was on March 16th,2021, but one of the realities is that the fundamental code remains always the same. This is because collectively, in Java there are 51 keywords and out of that 2 of them are not in use. All over the world, different programmers have written hundreds of thousands of libraries, which improves the language capabilities. So, there will be no changes in the core functionality of the Java programming language and they are excluded.

This article mainly discusses the expectations before they start learning Java, and its limitations, and also about the reality of the language. There is nothing wrong with the Java programming language, still, every language has its pros and cons. In the case of Java also there are some certain merits and demerits.

Advantages of the Java programming language 
  • Java is a powerful and simple programming language with 51 keywords. It can be used very easily and its design is user-friendly. Debugging process is effortless.
  • The syntax of Java language is comparatively similar to C and C++, although it is simple when it is related to these languages. While correlating Java with C and C++, Java has automatic memory allocation and garbage collection but in the case of C and C++, extra programming is necessary to allocate memory and collect garbage, so C and C++ programmers should put extra effort into these features.
  • A Java runtime environment is always necessary to run the Java programs. This permits to run of Java programs on different operating systems, in the case of mobile environments and on the web also this is the same. Besides, at the source and binary level, Java is platform-independent
  • Of Course, Java is an object-oriented programming language. When objects are created, the data has been manipulated through these objects. Whatever happens, it will happen inside the object. This helps to make programs modular and easy to reuse the objects in other programs without affecting the original code.
  • In Java, it is necessary to have an interpreter to run the programs, so wherever there is an interpreter Java code can be run. Due to this reason using the compiler the developer creates an EXE file with the interpreter. This is why Java is also known as an interpreter-based program. Bytecode means the java programs are compiled into a Java virtual machine code. The java code can be run anyplace when the bytecode has been generated. The issue of other languages is, they need to create different applications for every individual operating system.
  • The attractive feature of Java, it is highly secure. In every aspect, the Java programming language is including the programming portion, and all the cutting-edge security features are built in the compiler, the interpreter, and the runtime environment.
  • The Java program’s achievement is with the advent of cloud-based applications and multiservice programs, it was dominant for many programs to be able to run on several machines but must run as a single unit. This was the main reason, at the exact time Java programs became more prevalent for web-based applications.
  • The feature multithreading isn’t a vital part of the java programs because in Java multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously without any interruption. Moreover, in visual and network programming it is essential.
  • The chances for errors in Java programming are rare because during compiling and interpretation most of the errors are handled. But in the case of normal programming languages, executables are created without less debugging and it will affect later on when the programs crash and people come to know that there are bugs yet. The success of Java programming the bugs and errors are corrected in the development process.

Disadvantages of using Java 

The situation is unpredictable, so it will be different. So sometimes advantages can turn to disadvantages based on such situations.Java programming also has some sort of disadvantages.

Garbage collection:

During the garbage collection, all other processes have been stopped because, in the case of Java programming, garbage collection is taken care of by the Java itself, but in the case of other languages it doesn’t happen, since for garbage collection they need extra coding (through this unnecessary variable and data are generated when the programs have been executed).The main issue is when Java decides when garbage collection takes place, all other processing will be stopped. Moreover, the chance is more to get slow while running the Java programs.Java program is facing such a big issue.

No low-level programming:

Java programming language encourages the writing of machine-independent programs(this is the reason JRE is used) because low-level programming is when machine-specific programs are written, and it is not possible with the capabilities of Java’s core. Whereas, there are many libraries and extensions available in Java for writing the Java programs but they are not recommended for writing low-level programs. In addition, the second reason is that Java does not have pointers, they why low-level programming is applicable in Java and also low-level memory are accessed by Pointers, this may also become an issue for writing applications for the Internet of Things-enables appliances and gadgets because many of the gadgets and appliances are dependent on embedded programming since they are normally low-level programming.

More memory:

As mentioned above, Java programming needs the Java runtime environment to run the codes. So, if the developer needs to run the java codes it is necessary to install the java runtime environment. On the other hand, it is an advantage because if the java runtime environment is installed a single program can be run on multiple operating systems it needs extra memory to run the JRE. This is an issue when the program runs it becomes slow because the JRE utilizes more RAM for the process.

Cost and performance:

Java needs a runtime environment because java programs don’t run directly, so it comes comparatively slow. Besides, the hardware cost is rising due to the usage of memory, and processing requirements are higher.

Should you learn Java programming? 
Honestly, this question should be answered by those who use Java extensively. Java has been used worldwide, it is nearly 1 billion devices According to Oracle, which receives Sun Microsystems, which built Java, the programs made with Java are being used. Once the developer builds an application in Java, it can be run on any operating system environment that’s why it becomes more popular. It doesn’t use cryptic words instead of using real language, due to this reason Java has become simple to learn compared to other languages.

85% of the market has been controlled by the Android ecosystem since the android operating system is based on Java. Most of the Android mobile app programmers are working in Java because popular mobile app developments like Kotlin and Android Studio prefer Java when it is compared to other programming languages. If anyone wants to start a career as a mobile app developer, first of all, they should learn Java.

Furthermore, the fundamentals will be more strong when Java learning has been started. Once you have learned Java, it will give you a better career path and can build a strong base in both Java language and career too.


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