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IT the fattest paid sector in India

To work in a social space is a civic responsibility where to find a job that accommodate a fat pay, stress-free environment, high job satisfaction and a better job security now is often persuaded in vain. The budding professionals often don’t explore or rather hard to find a job which could envelop all these significant buddies. Most of the job seekers don’t hit the right choice rather toss and turns on various job scenarios unable to switch to their dream attractions and perks.

The Hon. Prime minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi has remarked that “In a scenario where salary becomes one of the key factors to attract and retain employees, it is important for companies to very closely analyse the correlation between salaries and employee satisfaction.”

Though enough studies and surveys on jobs from many quarters have designed many generalizations, recently, an authentic study by Monster Jobs has revealed some vital information’s.

In India it is the IT sector that revolve around designing, implementing and managing the system offers the highest pay with a median gross hourly salary of Rs 346.42 followed by Banking, Financial Services and insurance (BSFI) with a median gross hourly salary of Rs 300.23, while the manufacturing sector have a least median gross hourly pay of Rs 254.04.

Monster Salary Index (MSI) further adds that about 60% of the Tech Savvy in IT sector is satisfied with their pay and working conditions and also this sector is having an highest rate of Bonus and perks attached to their salaries. In fact, when this figures comes to an international edge the salary in IT get to a 3 to 5 times hype with an enormous opportunity continually opening up and will remain the same for many more years to come.

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