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IT finishing schools: enhancing employability

We create remarkable professionals suitable for outstanding professions and not professions suitable for so called professionals. This is all about the mission of IT finishing school of IPSR – paving way for outstanding opportunities to the youngsters to excel there best performance possible and to earn a dream career in IT industry. Employability in an IT industry depends on the soundness of technical knowledge, Professional skills and capabilities an aspirant possess, in addition to the way they present those assets to employers.

It was a season of placement at IT finishing school ever since IPSR streamlined an individualistic curriculum capable of meeting the mismatch of the career potentials of job seekers to the career requirements of the industry. Internship programmes, communication skill development programmes, placement support together with multifarious training sessions to update the technical and soft skills of the aspirants have yielded amazing results.

This year ITFS placement record scaled 93% placement from a total of 300+ students enrolled in IT finishing school. These figures are huge and magnificant as most of the students enrolled with ITFS stream do have some major career issues that needed to be mended and moreover RedHat, Cognizant, Infosys and Wipro are some of the big names where these students are placed.

Communication skill development programme (CSD) which is integrated with the ITFS curriculum is considered as the power house of self-confidence for the students to tailor their power of verbal expression in its perfect codes. Debate, Group discussions, mock interviews, orations, presentations by the students gives them a perfect practice ground to master there power of verbal communication which is an essential parameter for placement.
From a humble beginning with a lot of uncertainty about career to some hard and bitter experience with the recruiters and then reaching IPSR enjoying some glorious and fruitful days of ITFS and  finally moving out as an empowered professional to some of the leading Multi-National IT companies. This is what IT finishing school of IPSR does.

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