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IPSR – The Global destination for Cloud certifications

IPSR has become a barometer of Asia pacific to gauge the latest trends and possibilities of Linux worldwide. Recognizing the efforts and mileage of the company at a global edge Red Hat has honored IPSR with International awards for the best training partner for 12 consecutive times. Admit of all the glory and celebration, however, the saga of IPSR Learning services has had a steep learning curve with latest updates in technology in par with latest releases.

IPSR international campus striving as a multicultural platform for the ambitious tech savvy’s around the world delivers a Kaleidoscope of Linux based technologies with an international standards. Comprehending the alumni profile it is noted that top executives from 50 plus countries got trained in various Linux based technologies at IPSR.
Scenario of the international IT desk witness a huge migration of big players around the world to cloud and cloud based technologies. In the present day enterprise world, wide application of Red hat Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Storage solves the problems of industrial and diverse sectors. In fact, IPSR is successful in delivering most of the on demand Red hat cloud certifications namely CL 210, CL 310, RH 236, CL 220, RH 318, DO 280, RH 401.
The quality of training infused with hospitality and soothing ambiance have captivated the overseas professionals to IPSR campus in all there freshness and creative vibrancy. Few of the recent overseas professionals who have successfully certified various cloud certifications include.
Mr. Sassi Ben Ammar RH Open Stack (EX 210 & EX 310) from France
Mr. Vasily Angapov RH Open Stack (EX 210 & EX 310) from Russia
Mr. Artemy Kropachev (EX 236, EX 280, EX 413, Ex 318, Ex 210) from Russia
Mr. Dmitri Mostovshchikov (EX 210, EX 280, EX 220) from Russia
Mr. Mohamed El Maraghi Abdelaati Mohamed (EX 236, EX 280, EX 423, EX 318, EX 436, EX 401, EX 442, EX210, EX 429, EX 413) from Egypt
Mr. Moffat Ngugi (EX 318, EX 236, EX 401, EX 248, EX 280, EX 220, EX 210) from Kenya
The Success stories of IPSR keep going without limit. As long as you don’t limit your ambitions and career expectation IPSR would be a professional companion to make you redefine yourself professionally.

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