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IPSR IT finishing school a gateway to IT Jobs – Students perspective

Chase your career dreams, strategize your actions fulfill the job requirements be passionate about your career choice and not let them chase you away – It’s with this vision IPSR IT finishing school join hands with prospective IT aspirants in walking the extra mile and putting in extra thought in the job seeking process .

It’s a fact that the competitive generation of ours has become so concerned of achievements and immersed in search for high profile jobs.  However, most often we pause and sigh that our career choice and opportunities are quite stressed and job seeking attempts becoming futile. The ipsrian curriculum of IT finishing schools has yielded its best in mending aspirants in the right way and fixing them to the right career of their choice.

Placement orientation programmes, soft skills training, technology updating  at industry level, working along with the development team, internship programme etc. has yielded a lot in  transforming  a student to a professional. Here is a video of two students of ipsr IT Finishing school sharing their perspective on IPSR IT Finishing school

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