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Instagram Tests New ‘Reshare’ Stickers to Better Highlight Feed Posts Re-Shared to Stories

Instagram has been working on a major issue over the past few months that everyone disagrees with this. The real problem is The re-sharing of feed posts to Instagram stories. Many people and brands do this by posting an update to the main feed and adding the same image to bring additional stories. This happens all too often and you are probably familiar with it, Instagram says most of the users don’t like this type of republishing because there can be too many overlaps between the two surfaces.
In January, Instagram took the first step to address the issue by stopping some users from posting all feed posts with mixed reviews. Instagram has approached another new test that had been re-posted from the main custom feed in March and Instagram is still looking for a better solution. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi announced this new test this week. Instagram stories come with a new re-post sticker that makes it easy to re-sharing feed posts. This was first mentioned with Paluzzi in its application code early last month. 
 Instagram re-sharing stickers it’s unclear how the post will appear in the story later but the process is mainly aimed at making it clear that this is a post that is re-shared from the channel as opposed to the original story. This encourages people to re-share their feed updates. But as previously mentioned, Instagram doesn’t want users to do this.
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri noted this and posted these Mosseri answers in one of the last Q&A sessions on Friday.  
“It’s hard to say how many users are annoyed with this, but Instagram seems to see this as a problem. This causes additional sharing restrictions or reduces the number of stories created (maybe by dragging and dropping them down in the order in which they appear in the app). Instagram still works on a fix. Depending on how you view it, you can use it to promote your Instagram strategy. Paluzzi also noted that Instagram is working on a new schedule for IG live broadcasts. 
This can be a great way to enhance engagement on IG live streams, and Instagram recently added live audio to join the ‘audio social’ trend into a clubhouse. This may be a more valuable consideration in your broader platform strategy”.

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