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Instagram Ads ‘Drops’ Feature… a New Path to Social Commerce


Being stuck at homemade online platforms is more attractive not just by entertainment but by online shopping. Out of the most commonly used apps, Instagram has been ranked 6th so far for its attractive features. Now they have launched a new ‘drop’ feature which will make Instagram even more captivating to its users and can take e-commerce to the next level.

‘Drop’ feature helps to showcase new products of brands one would admire or may be interested in. Sellers can show their products even in a small amount for a limited period To and thereby increase the demand for their product. This feature will be shown as a new tab along with other options. This will be shown under the shop tab. This tab can direct you to a shoppable in-app feed of new products of desirable brands. Users can buy products from the app without entering into any third-party checkout platforms via the checkout feature. This can permit Instagram to compile fees on purchases done. Nonetheless, they do not charge fees currently since they consider the negative impact on the economy by pandemics over the past one plus years. They focus on helping small businesses to recover the losses caused during the pandemic in the past year. As of now, it is available only in the US, on android and iOs apps and the payments for the purchases done can be done by any bank account registered in the US.

  This feature seems to be the advanced form of their old feature named ‘product reminder options’.  Product reminder options helped users to receive notifications of a desired brand’s product that is in stock. This was introduced first in September 2019. Now it has evolved into this cool feature. The design of this feature makes it appealing to the users. While product remainder was meant for notifying the user about a certain product, the drop feature will gather all the information of all products and showcases it in one place under a tab in conjunction with the feature to notify about the new launches and other amazing products that can hike one’s interest in a product or on a brand.

All of this will happen within the Instagram app. Users will not be redirected to another website to complete the purchase of the product. The fact that this all can be done in one platform makes the feature more promising to e-commerce. Drop can act as a product remainder. To be notified, online shoppers need to get signed up so that they can be notified of upcoming hot new collections of products of their favorite brand along with other drops that have appeared recently on social media platforms.  Drops can set the live countdown for upcoming products which gives details of its availability provided users have enabled notification. The app can notify users with push notifications of the upcoming products and in that way keep the users updated on their favorite brand products. Products will be displayed in different formats as videos, static images, or animations. Shoppers can view all the necessary details such as price or availability, or any other details required before making a purchase. They also have wishlist options so that users can just add products into their list and check in the future, just in case to make any changes in their list before making the final checkout. Moreover, this information can be shared with users by the direct messages feature provided by Instagram.

 All in all drops feature is a promising feature for sellers who wish to expand their business effectively and enticingly. Anyone who wishes to sell their products via this feature can easily start by turning any existing Instagram account into a business account from the profile settings. In addition to these, there are some criteria to sell goods on Instagram. The way to add your products into drop’s corner is through the product launch feature which can be accessed via Commerce Manager. This would be of the brand already registered for e-commerce in the app. Drops feature provides a variety of ways for sellers to spread information about their products. The Live shopping feature enables the traders to schedule the launch of their product at the desired time. This includes setting countdown timers and users will be notified provided they enabled the notification feature. In addition to these drops will enable you to launch your product and spread maximum awareness by ‘product launch stickers’ and sharing it through stories or reels.

Altogether, the drops feature can make online shopping more enticing and online trading more dynamic.



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