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From the mountain ranges of china to the peak of Redhat

Mr Pawel Jerry Fiuto, a pole by birth and resident of UK has explored the possibilities of ipsr, one of the leading global training partners of Redhat to illumine his career as system administrator.

Mr. Pawel, a man of Adventure is affable with a pleasant demeanor. His passion for travelling and crave for learning is evident from the fact that before reaching Kerala for linux training he had spent few days at China to fit into the shoes of an mountaineer to scale glorious mountains of china.
From the day he landed in Kerala his passion as a technocrat has inducted him to master all the papers of RHCA track with an allure of excitement and satisfaction. With the ipsrian family from July 22 to September 25, Mr. Pawel had successfully completed four modules of RHCA namely RH442 : RedHat Enterprise System monitoring and performance Tuning , RH413:RedHat Server Hardening , CL210 : Red Hat Open Stack Administration , RH318 : Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. He had previously passed EX436 – Red Hat Enterprise Clustering.
Team IPSR admires his passion for learning and traveling and hopefully looks forward to see him again, as this was his second time in India.

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