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Four career tips for job seekers in IT


Job search process is tricky at the same time intellectual based, there are many things probably you are unaware or left unnoticed. Here are four tips which would guide you in your search for a dream job.

Never apply for the jobs which are not suitable to your job profile. The reason is why, you will lack a positive response. Always take a look at the job requirements and be sure that your qualification and experience satisfy the requirement.

Try to be active on job portals and Linkedin. Log in once daily. Do not ignore the messages and mails you get from Linkedin or any other job portals. Update your resumes. Have a look at them… may be that will be a stepping stone.

Be aware about the latest trends in the industry. Before attending the interview, make sure that you have some idea about the company. Gather as many informations you can. More than everything, this will help you to be confident while you are facing the interview.

On the job training and your degrees help you lead to the first step to a job. But if you have any relevant skills or specialisation which help you grow professionally, companies will prefer you to take up the job.

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