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Facebook Announces New Features for International Women’s Day, Including Multi-Participant Instagram Live Streams

March 8 is an international women’s day, Facebook comes up with a handful of features to join hands with women’s history month and international women’s day. And the more focused launch is of the multi-participant Instagram live rooms, which the Facebook team has been working for a while.

IG already started this work in India in December with the rise in business. with The ban of TikTok in the region, people search for more ways to connect with each other. The new launch of multi-participant live streams is to boost the user’s interest. This mainly focused on women’s owned businesses. 40% of Facebook profiles are women-owned and from 2015 to 2016 the women-owned business has increased by 60%.

More women are using an IG live stream across the world to introduce their products and new launches to their customers. It helps the huge global reach and provides more opportunities for women.

In a multi-participant live stream, creators invite fans and customers onto the same screen and creators can share the screen with an influencer. The live stream with other people may feel the better experience.A single live stream is sometimes more boring than multi live streaming.IG working on the option for almost a year. Mosseri conducted a Q and A section last march and more people suggested the multi live stream.

Live streaming is on the rise in 2020, as people can more easily connect to various lockdowns in this pandemic situation. that provide a wide range of possibilities and options.



The above screenshot is the live stream, the users will be able to add participants to their live.When you can send a request to add people to your live stream, the notification will appear on top of the screen of Instagram. The new feature could provide a strong bond between peoples. Facebook is also looking to highlight women’s days. so this new addition is more helpful to the users.Instagram live viewers count in India is 60% throughout 2020, and multi-live streams give another choice to users. 

The following steps to go through a multi-live stream

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Facebook also includes women’s day special stickers to users women can enjoy their women’s day with new features.Facebook has always connected people to what you love. Facebook also introduces women-owned shopping. the Facebook shop is moe easier for business and it is free and simple. This new feature is also focused on women and it promotes women’s entrepreneurship. people can choose the products and shop with a cover image and color that showcase their brand.no matter size or budget, people can bring their business online and connect worldwide customers. 

Users can find products on Instagram or Facebook, Which they discover from stories or ads in the future. you can search the full collection of the product, save the product and place an order. In facebook shops, you can direct messages to the owner and asking doubts and commenting.

Live shopping features are one of the main platforms for business. Many people use live video to promote their products and they share features of their product. makes it easier to shop products in real-time. In addition, people can tag sellers, brands, and creators on Facebook. It will help small businesses to grow.

Social media is a key factor in your success to grow your business.

Instagram and Facebook are playing a major role in social media marketing.

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