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Digital Marketing Technical Interview Questions

Social Media Marketing


 1. Which are the best platforms for social media marketing?


  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


 2. How would you measure the Social Media Marketing Success of  an organisation?


  • For conversion: Track downloads, on
  • line sales, webinar registrations, lead generation, form submissions, etc.
  • For engagement: no. of comments, replies, reposts, or retweets, etc.
  • For awareness: Check for reach, volume, and exposure to know how widely your message is spreading
  • For driving traffic to the website: track clicks, URL shares, and conversions, also understand the path people are using to enter various pages on your website


3. What are the KPIs you use in social media reporting?


The popular key performance indicators in social media reporting are –

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Traffic data
  • Active followers
  • Brand mentions


4. Which do you think is essential: the number of engagements or the likes/followers?


Social media followers or likes alone won’t interpret a clear picture of success. Unless these followers and likes convert into sales or boost your business, there is no point in them. Therefore, engagement is better in my opinion than followers or likes.


5. How are you going to grab the attention of more potential buyers for the products /services offered by our business via social media channels? 


If you have good, attractive, and innovative content, and display it correctly to the right place at the right time it will definitely give the output. More engagement can be driven by crafting catchy headlines, posting quality visual media, hosting contests, ensuring your post has good content, focusing on your social presence, responding to comments promptly, etc.


6. Explain the process of Facebook Marketing?


Valuable content shall be produced to have a good relationship with your audience. You can create a Facebook Marketing plan by defining your audience, setting goals, creating a business page on Fb, posting attractive content, and incorporating Facebook ads.


7. How will you respond to negative comments?


  • Quickly Acknowledge the comments and start constructive engagement to convert the negative experience to a positive one
  • Think from the customer’s perspective and try to understand why they feel the way they do and what you can do to fix it
  • Try to solve the problem in an appropriate forum, like emails, phone, or any other available method
  • Keep track of your customer even after you solve the situation to strengthen your bond further
  • Ignore unnecessary trolls


8. What are the types of Facebook ads?


  • Single image ads
  • Multi-product ads:
  • Video ads
  • Lead ads
  • slideshow ads
  • collection ads


9. What is the ideal percentage of text in your Image Ad?




10. How can you make content go viral?


  • Short content is more accepted by the public
  • Visual content like images and video work better
  • giveaways draw attention and build brand awareness and engagement
  • Using trending hashtags and topics on your posts
  • Interacting with the users


11. Is A/B Testing important?


AB testing is essentially an experiment where two or more variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.

A/B testing helps you to target your resources for maximum effect and efficiency, which helps increase ROI whether it be based on short-term conversions, long-term customer loyalty, or other important metrics


12. What are some things to focus on while setting up your Ad creative?


  • Use an ad creative that’s attention-grabbing and relevant to your business
  • Proper use of the color scheme
  • Don’t use clip-art or low-resolution, pixelated images in your ad creative
  • Use good quality images that are well lit
  • Decide whether it should be Clean and minimal or colorful and vibrant? Take the call
  • To create attention-grabbing ads, show pictures of people benefiting from your product instead of just the product itself
  • Make sure your advertisement works for your brand without requiring an explanatory copy


13. How will you boost Tweets or Twitter posts?


Find out the best time to post , Reach out to influencers and connect with them, Try to engage in a cross-promotional activity, use Twitter ads, relevant hashtags, prepare calendars to schedule and tweet, use Twitter polls for better engagement, Use images/links/GIFs/videos to increase retweets, share relevant and updated content, creatively participate in twitter chats.


14. What is a rich pin? Mention the types of Rich Pins.


Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increased engagement. Information in a Rich Pin is independent of the Pin description, ensuring that important information is always tied to the Pin. There are 4 types of Rich Pins: app, article, product, and recipe Pins.”


15. How can we improve Facebook’s organic reach?


You need to share content that is specially designed to generate shares and attention to increase organic reach. spend time and effort to engage with your audience. Use Facebook as a community hub to connect and engage with a lot of people. Collaborate with Facebook influencers. Find the right time to post on Facebook.


16. How do you get more retweets?


Tweeting at the right time, Asking for retweet, Retweeting others’ tweets, Use hashtags, Tweet links which our followers would like to share with their followers, Talking in audience language ,Ensuring you leave enough characters so that users would retweet, Using visually appealing images, Creative or funny content which would make them laugh and then repost, Providing useful information like infographics, Posting real-time news.


17. How to use Instagram for social media marketing?


  • Utilizing product teasers that could make people purchase.
  • Using paid ads to reach targeted audiences.
  • Finding and connecting with influencers.
  • Crafting a consistent brand on Instagram.
  • Conducting competitor analysis and SWOT analysis
  • Posting at the right times.
  • Making use of Instagram analytics.


18. What are social media calendars?


Social media calendars are sheets prepared to schedule posts in advance. It will help you track which content will be shared so that you can plan accordingly for the future.


19. What are the responsibilities of a social media manager?


  • Understanding the company’s objective.
  • Understanding the products, market, and competitors of the company
  • Planning, strategy, and goal setting.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Work with internal stakeholders.
  • Designing various social media strategies.
  • Recruit, manage, and guide social media marketing teams.
  • Collaborate with other marketing teams to integrate social media optimization.
  • Create a good relationship with followers, respond to their complaints and queries.
  • Stay updated with current trends, technologies, tools, and applications.
  • Help the website’s blog by promoting them on various social media channels
  • Create new innovative strategies to increase brand awareness.


20. In which ways Digital Marketing stands apart from traditional marketing?


The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which a marketing message is passed on to the audience. While traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines and newspapers, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites. The cost incurred in Digital Marketing is less than that of Traditional Marketing. We can create more targeted audience and also get immediate feedback and results in Digital Marketing


21. How to evaluate the social media presence of a company?


How frequent they are publishing posts.

How many followers they have and how they are engaging with the brand and vice versa.

If the information provided in social media accounts is up-to-date.

Do they use social media just to post news about them or they are actively connecting with their user base to engage and solve their problems?

How much effort they put to publish posts.


22. Which online content has impressed you recently and why did it impress you?


This is one of the interview questions where the interviewer wants to check how updated you are. You can either describe a ntent you have written or a ntent you checked online for this answer. If you are describing content you viewed online, explain why you like the content.

Explain how it provoked your emotion or how it made you relate to something or someone, etc. And, don’t mention very old content because they might mistake you that you are not very much updating yourself on social media.


23. What are our competitors doing in social media?


This is a very important social media marketing interview question. It is to understand how well you analyzed their business. So, analyze their top 3 competitors and figure out how they are promoting their business on social media. List out their strategies, weak points,strengths, etc.


24. Explain how keywords play a vital role in generating traffic?


By targeting the right keywords that your audience search, you can drive more relevant traffic. So whenever people search for a particular keyword you are targeting, your website/article will appear in the results.


25. List out few Digital Marketing Tools


Buffer, Feedly, Google Trends, Canva, MeetEdgar, Agorapulse, Hootsuite, Mavsocial


26. How would you differentiate custom audiences and look-a-like audiences?


A custom audience is built with your existing prospects, lookalike audiences let you explore and reach entirely new people who haven’t heard of your business ever before, but at the same time, they are very similar to your buyer personas and your current customer base


27. What are the 7 P’s of Digital Marketing?


Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People, and Processes.


Content Marekting


1. What process do you use when proofreading?


Proofreading is the careful examination of the content to seek out and proper typo errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. Look for the following error :

  • Spelling typos occurred by transposing letters, missing letters or by simply miss-typing.
  • Incorrect word usage such as to, too, two or there, their, they’re 
  • Inconsistency – this includes spelling variations in two places and also capitalization, abbreviations, and hyphenation to name but a few. – Leave a break between writing and proofreading so that you can find errors with a fresh mind, ideally overnight.
  • Read out loud and slowly
  • Create a guide so that all future content writers can refer and ensure consistency.


2. How do you decide which content topics and what format that content should take?


  1.  Use your analytics to find what your audience love and write accordingly
  2.  Choose high-volume, low competition keywords
  3.  Prioritize user intent
  4.  Your blog topics should be blog-worthy
  5.  Use research tools for content topics
  6.   Follow trends


3. What makes a content “successful”?


  • IncreasedTraffic 
  • Re-visits to website 
  • Retweets, likes, shares, comments 
  • Search engine ranking 
  • Leads and sales


4. How would you create a blog post ?


  1. Understand your audience. 
  2. Create your blog domain. 
  3. Customize your blog’s theme. 
  4. Identify your first blog post’s topic.
  5. Come up with a working title. 
  6. Write an intro (and make it captivating). 
  7. Organize your content in an outline. 
  8. Write your blog post! 
  9. Proofread and edit your post. 
  10. Insert a CTA 
  11. Optimize for on-page SEO. 
  12. Pick a catchy title.


5. What are the steps you take when you actually create your content?


Step 1. Set Your Mission and Your Goals

Step 2. Establish Your KPIs

Step 3. Know Your Audience

Step 4. Assess Your Current Position

Step 5. Figure Out the Best Content Channels

Step 6. Decide on Content Types

Step 7. Identify and Allocate Resources

Step 8. Create a Content Calendar

Step 9. Create Content

Step 10. Distribute and Market

Step 11. Measure Results


6. How do you check if your content has performed well or not?


I will regularly go through Google Analytics reports to track the increase in page views

I will check whether my content is ranked for the target keyword on Google search results

I will look at the shares or retweet counts


7. What all things do you ensure and include while writing a Blog post ?


I prepare my blog post in Word, add hyperlinks to at least three other pieces of content on our site that we’ve published, and add at least one hyperlink to a third party resource.

I will ensure there’s an associated featured image for the post

a clear call to action at the end of each post will be ensured

For quality control, I will ask any other person to proofread it before publishing.

I will optimize the title for a target keyword after doing proper keyword research


8. How does Google rank content?


Google basically ranks content based on genuine inbound links. Other contributing factors are the text of the hyperlink, the title tag, keywords in the URL,etc.


9. How will you make other people link to your content?


I will interview influencers because they promote the resulting content to a large audience as well—and some of those people will end up linking back to my interview.

I include content others can reuse. So that more people may refer to my content.

I write long form content including maximum information so I have the most comprehensive and authoritative post on a particular subject, which tempts others to link to me as the reference source.


10. Name some tools you use for content writing


Grammarly, Hemmingway editor, Coschedule headline analyzer, Hootsuite, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, Rankmath, Google search console, canva, Twitter trending topics


11. What are the key features in Whatsapp Business compared to the normal Whatsapp?


  • Best for local businesses for one on one and group messages with templates and indication it’s a business chat
  • Account can be made using a mobile or landline number
  • App automation includes greeting messages, away messages, and quick replies
  • Contacts can be labelled


12. Name some of the email marketing service providers.


Mailchimp, aweber, Benchmark email, active campaign, constant contact, vertical response, GetResponse, streamsend


Affiliate Marketing


1. What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is the way by which an affiliate earns a referral commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply acts as a middleman and then promotes the product and earns a share of the profit from each sale they make.


2. Can we use affiliate marketing for lead generation?


It is usually used for generating sales. But it can also be used to create leads, by paying referral profit for every new subscriber. Companies offering services often use this method of marketing


3. What is a super affiliate?


A super affiliate is someone who makes large income from affiliate marketing. He drives a large majority of the sales from any product he promotes, compared to other affiliate partners involved in the program.


4. What is an affiliate disclosure statement?


An affiliate disclosure statement tells the reader that there may be affiliate links on the website or in the video descriptions, for which he can get a commission if a sale is made through his affiliate links


5. Is social media activity an essential part of affiliate marketing?


Yes, social media is a huge source of traffic. Affiliate marketing can be done through promotions in social media posts. Affiliates can reach its target audience through Social media


6. What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?


  • commision is initiated only after a sale. therefore there is minimal risk that promotions will not generate ROI.
  • Wider reach to new audiences 
  • can boost your reputation by partnering with trusted sites and influencers 
  • cost effective


7. What are the disadvantages of affiliate marketing?


  • It can be time consuming. 
  • you need to be much more aware of compliance issues. 
  • it is not easy to build a loyal publishers team who promotes your program long term. 
  • High competition


8. Mention some of the best platforms for affiliate marketing


Amazon associate, Clickbank, CJ Affiliates, ShareAsale, Flipkart Affiliate marketing, earnkaro

Amazon Associate Program is an affiliate program of Amazon started in 1996. In this program you will be advertising amazon products. When a person clicks from your website, reaches the products page on Amazon’s website and buys it, you get a percentage of the money as commission earned through sales.


9. Name some Tools That An Affiliate Marketer Should Use?


  • Google Keyword Planner – to find relevant keyword for marketing
  • Ahrefs – for competitor analysis based on a keyword
  • Buzzsumo – for content marketing research
  • Google Search Console -for checking the performance of your site.


Google Ads


1. How does Google Ads work?


Google Ads determines the ad position based on the Maximum bid & Quality Score of the ad. There are better chances of being on top of the page with Higher maximum bid and Quality score. The actual CPC will be determined by the ad rank of your next highest ad divided by Quality score. Google determines the ad positions after processing the request. Advertisers will have to spend money only when users click their ad.


2. What is Ad Rank?


The position of an ad on Google search page is the Ad Rank .It is determined by the bid amount, ad quality, ad thresholds, the competition, the context of the user’s search and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.A good ad rank gives more visibility than your competitors. Ad rank can fluctuate from time to time.


3. Explain Google Quality Score?


Google Ads Quality Score is a rating given based on various factors like relevancy of keywords used, Click through rate, landing page experience and relevance, ad text relevance and the historical performance of the ads account performance. Basically, it’s a measurement on a scale of 1 – 10 score showing how relevant your ad is to the user’s intent. Good quality score will improve the Ad rank.


4. How will you calculate CTR (Click Through Rate)? Does CTR help in improving the quality score?


CTR also known as click-through rate is a unit to find out the click rate of your ad. we can calculate CTR by a simple formula: clicks/impressions*100. It is one of the essential factors in determining the Quality Score of the ad. So, if there is an increase in CTR, the overall spend can be decreased. It also depicts the success of your ad descriptions and headings in terms of relevancy and attractiveness.


5. Differentiate between CPM, CPC and CPV bidding?


CPM : Cost Per Thousand impressions is the amount you pay per thousand impressions that you receive, without taking into account the number of clicks you receive.

CPC : Cost Per Click is the amount you spend for each click.

CPV: Cost per view is the amount paid for each unique user view of an advertisement or website.


6. What is the character limit of a destination URL?


1024 characters


7. What is ad rotation?


the ads will keep rotating, If there are multiple ads within an ad group because no more than one ad can show at a time. You can opt to request Google how it would rotate the ad, such as, based on the best performing ads or rotating evenly.


8. Differentiate between clicks and impressions?


Impression refers to the number of times targeted users view your ad and this depicts the reach of your ad.

Click is the number of times your targeted users clicked on your ad and was taken to your website. This depicts how many users actually visited your website through the ad.


9. How many characters are allowed in Google ads?


  • Headline 1,2,3 : 30 characters
  • Description 1,2 : 90 characters
  • Path (2): 15 characters each


10. What are the basic practices every new Google ads advertiser should always remember?


  • Proper Call To Action should be ensured within the landing page
  • build different ad groups based on keywords and set themes for each ad group.
  • Don’t put a large amount of budget for a short period of time in the beginning.
  • Consistently try to improve the Quality score thus decreasing the spend of overall budget.
  • Select your keywords and negative keywords carefully and frequently monitor the performances with search terms report.
  • Write a search ad with crisp CTA text and clear headline.


11. What is frequency capping in Google Ads?


Frequency capping allows the advertiser to limit no.of times an ad is visible to a single individual. We can set it at the ad, ad group and campaign level.


12. How to improve ad position?


  • improve the quality score and Increase the bid
  • Focus on the most suitable ad extensions
  • Create Better landing pages
  • ensure the relevance level of keywords, landing pages and ad copies are good
  • build Different landing pages for different ads


13. What are Google Ad Extensions?


Ad Extension is the additional information you find with the google ads, like phone number, site links, address, reviews, etc. It improves the CTR of the ad. It helps advertisers to provide more information apart from the ad headings and descriptions.


14. What options cannot be altered after creating an account?


currency and time zone cannot be changed, After the creation of the account. It is recommended to fill these details very carefully.


15. Mention the different types of keyword matches


The 5 categories of keyword matches are Broad match, Broad match modifier, Phrase Match, Exact Match, Negative Match


16. How can we improve the landing page quality?


Landing page quality are often improved by following ways:

  • The page should be relevant to the ad text as well as to the keywords in the adgroup
  • A strong headline and supportive tagline
  • Original and quality content
  • Page load time
  • User-friendliness and user experience
  • Following Google guidelines
  • Transparent content information and privacy policy
  • Easy to navigate and understand
  • Clear call of action message
  • Visual imagery
  • Not having too many links
  • Should connect with Brand and proposition
  • Simplified lead capture form
  • Trust symbols.


17. What is Remarketing?


Remarketing is a target method in which advertisers can present their ads to users who have visited their website but didn’t convert. In Google Ads, remarketing campaigns are available for both search and display. The click-through rate for remarketing is relatively high because they are customized and thus connects with the users more than other targeting methods Ads


18. How would you define a negative keyword?


Negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns and help you focus on only the keywords that matter to your customers


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