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Dandara Pagu : The New Face of Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is creating a new wave in social media platforms right now. The invite-only app has been the subject of hot discussions on a number of topics. This app that uses headshots of different types of people as an app icon is becoming very popular. The rooms that we create in the clubhouse app enable us to talk about different topics. Another interesting fact is that the people who form the clubs in this way become the icons.

The current icon of the Clubhouse app is Dandara Pagu, a Brazilian lady. The company said in an official tweet, “The wonderful Drue Kataoka is passing the baton to Brazilian activist and creator Dandara Pagu.”


 A Producer, an activist, a leader in body positivity, and a fighter for human rights, especially of black women.

 She was born in Recife, one of the poorest areas in the northeastern region of Brazil. She came from a family with 12 children, 4 of whom passed at a very young age.

   In a press release, the company said “Pagu first rose to the top of the Brazilian Clubhouse scene when she started unofficially moderating tense conversations between strangers. Today, she often finds herself doing a service her country sorely needs right now. Reaching across the gulf of political and social ideology to find dialogue with her fellow citizens, even when their very beliefs deny her basic rights as a black woman”

  She has crossed the threshold of growth through poverty, violence, and oppression. Her extraordinary personality, kindness, and incredible energy are well known to the Brazilian people. According to Pagu, anti-apartheid struggles are a shared journey of social responsibilities and improving the lives of all. She supports, uplifts, and raises the voices of Black women in Brazil, speaking against violence, misogyny, and racism bravely.


Pagu has extraordinary energy. There is no doubt that if we go into one of her rooms in the clubhouse, we can experience the majesty of that sound and the warmth of that mind.  Dandara Pagu, a victim of racism and violence, is at the helm of the debate. She does this job with incredible grace and sincerity. Although she is a moderator, it does not reduce her workload or make things easier. “I think that nowadays, unfortunately, you can no longer be on the fence,” she says.

She tries to elevate the thoughts of everyone who climbs into her clubhouse room. She firmly believes that people will change their perspectives. “Many people have criticized me. But I believe I can make those people my allies. They do not know what kinds of situations I have gone through, but even the power is in their hands. So I firmly believe that the days will come when we can be more united”.

   Despite the denials she has suffered as a black woman, she has set her sights on good deeds that give hope to the world. Dandara Pagu ‘s struggles for fundamental rights will continue. Let us join her struggles.


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