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IPSR offers a unique 0pportunity for the students to make themselves equipped for the new and emerging challenges in the IT Industry. The programme offers a complete solution for all the problems normally faced by IT graduates when they compete for employment. There will be separate internship programmes for students opting for Software stream as well as the Networking stream.

One of the training process in IT Finishing School is Communication Skill Development (CSD). IPSR IT Finishing School plays a vital role to improve Communication Skill.

The activities of CDS:

Group Discussion: Companies conduct GD to understand the interpersonal skills, the ability to work in a team and to understand one’s attitude.

Topic Presentation: Certain company’s selection procedure includes Presentation, to evaluate the confidence and the convincing skill

Press Meet/Hot Seat: Some Companies conduct interview with a panel of interviewers to assess the presence of mind and ability to manage and respond to everyone’s questions.

Mock Interviews: Mock Interview makes the student confident and gives ideas to prepare for an interview.

IPSR guides you to the right path with right knowledge. Get enrolled at IPSR IT Finishing School to avail these 0pportunities.

Call 9020392530/9447294635 , or Logon to www.ipsr.edu.in

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