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Bulletin – Facebook’s latest offering for independent creators

Mark Zukerberg, CEO-Facebook has announced the launch of their latest offering- Bulletin, a publishing platform aimed at supporting independent content creators. This stand-alone feature will allow writers to share their work to a dedicated subscribers list and also build websites.

Facebook made a statement that essentially said that through the platform they would like to support and encourage independent creators and create a space that could unify all the tools that they offer from Live audio rooms to Podcasts. Also made clear through their team was that they would be giving ”complete editorial independence” to the writers.

Currently, in its Beta testing phase, the platform promises not to take a cut of their writer’s work ( unlike competitors Substack who takes 10% and Revue 5%) and will have complete access to their content and subscribers list. This seems to be reiterated further since it seems like there is a concern regarding what data and content Facebook will claim rights over. Feeding further into the interest in Newsletters, writers will be able to share their work on FB’s newsfeed in varied ways, create subscriber-only groups and audio chat rooms while relying on the platform’s setup. Publishers will have access to tools like Facebook Live and Audio Rooms to write niche articles and connect with their audience with the access to moderation tools ( turn off comments)

Bulletin is starting out with some big names including NFL host Erin Andrews, award-winning cookbook author Dorie Greenspan and organizational psychologist Adam Grant to help kickstart the platform and build a loyal subscriber base.

As of today, Bulletin is primarily available to U.S. creators, and it is not outside the US.Facebook has recently become the fifth tech company to cross the $1 trillion market valuation and has recently launched “Audio Rooms” to compete with social media app Clubhouse and will soon also be introducing “Soundbites”.


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