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Best Programming Languages For Web Development

Worldwide, do you know which programming language is more preferred by the developers?

It is a critical task to choose a programming language for a web development project.

The best choice facilitates rapid project development and supports your development team integrating important features with lesser efforts.

Now, we can see the number of different programming languages, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc is the most common ones in web development. As per the statistical reports, Javascript has more popularity than nearly 65% among developers worldwide.

According to the survey report of 2021, the below bar graph describes which programming languages are preferred by developers worldwide?

Java Script

Javascript is one of the most lightweight languages and also interpreted scripting languages that are widely used to enhance and add content to a web page. In various ways, it has been used, from adding simple functions or buttons to creating complex animations. Moreover, Javascript runs on top of a browser’s built-in engine and includes functionality with simple commands placed inside <script> tags within an HTML document.

You can make changes to any part of a website if you install Javascript on your computer and also you can create entirely new pages from scratch. Javascript has been enabled by most internet users already, which means the browser support is excellent, making it one of the most sought-after options among designers.

Approximately 79% of all internet users have Javascript enabled at all times according to Failory. The older versions may not work correctly due to browser changes or third-party programs interfering with their execution. Therefore, installing updates will ensure compatibility issues are minimized.

Merits of using JavaScript language:

  • Facilitates rapid project development
  • Reduces compilation time
  • High interoperability
  • Enhanced speed performance
  • Shorter codes
  • Extended Functionality

 Demerits of using JavaScript language:

  • Requires the developers to run the code on multiple platforms dedicated to ensuring zero technical glitches.
  • Debugging facility needs improvement.

Top companies using JavaScript: Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, etc.



One of the most basic of all coding languages is HTML.HTML will provide you with a solid foundation for website development, if you are planning to develop a website or web application. On top of HTML, most of the websites get built, software developers can style your code to fit your specific needs by an experienced developer.

HTML gives you a better start at writing code because it will do something besides displaying details on the screen. Also, knowing how to build basic pages can come convenient if you are planning to publish your content online somewhere down the line, too!

However, Cascading style sheets(CSS) is a language that illustrates how to show HTML documents on screen, paper, or in other media. Furthermore, when we relate to modern web design, CSS is vital; using CSS enables designers to separate style from content.

People can modify styles without accidentally breaking other components. By doing so it will be easy for multiple people to work on different parts of a website. At its core, CSS gives different ways of formatting text elements on a page- such as paragraphs or headings- with predefined fonts and colours.

Note: among developers worldwide, both HTML & CSS holds popularity of 56%.

Merits of using HTML language for your project:

  • Lightweight 
  • Fast to load
  • Free to use
  • Easier to gain command in the language
  • Compatibility with a very high number of browsers

Demerits of using JavaScript Language:

  • Requires lengthy codes
  • Cannot produce a dynamic website or web app alone.

 Top companies using HTML/CSS: Fluffbucket, Acme, etc.



For web development, Python is a great language if you want to do just about anything. You can employ in any number of industries and for any number of purposes, It’s an incredibly versatile language. Additionally, it’s very simple to learn if you already have some sort of experience with other programming languages. Nowadays, top IT companies are looking for people who know Python.

Python has something for everyone like from web development to artificial intelligence to big data science. Best of all, even new programmers can write clean code that’s pretty free from bugs because Python code is so straightforward.  

Merits of using Python language:

  • Free to use
  • Supports tons of libraries
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • High code readability
  • Offers portability to the developers

 Demerits of using Python language:

  • High Memory consumption
  • Run-time errors

 Top companies using Python: Instagram, Spotify, Uber, etc.


When you are going to do a web project involving data science or work with massive datasets, SQL is an obvious choice. The reason behind this is it has excellent query databases and data analyzing capacity. It is related to learning a spoken language-the only way to learn is by doing it.

SQL has a massive payoff in career opportunities but getting a solid grasp of SQL can take months.MySQL and PostgreSQL are the advanced versions of SQL which has been widely used in data science, so those might be better ones to focus on as well.

Merits of using SQL language :

  • Highly interactive
  • Rapid query processing
  • Good documentation
  • Simple syntax
  • High Portability

 Demerits of using SQL language :

  • Unfriendly interface
  • Specific versions are not cost-effective.

 Top companies using SQL: Microsoft, Dell, Accenture, etc.



For developing web applications and other software Java has been used extensively. Moreover, the java programming language stands out as a very reliable, safe, and robust language for web development. Since 1996, the language has been around, but that hasn’t stopped Java from evolving.

To improve overall functionally multiple updates have added significant features. Again, a great programming language is used in all types of software solutions. It is always an add-on for Java.Java has been used most commonly in server-side scripting languages.Java developers have more job opportunities for creating dynamic web content using servlets or JSP pages.

Merits of using Java language :

  • Secured language
  • Platform independent
  • Code reusability
  • Economical option
  • Efficient memory allocation

 Demerits of using Java language :

  • Complex coding
  • No backup facility

Top companies using Java: Uber, Pinterest, Amazon, etc.




C# is an object-oriented language and a general-purpose language. It has advanced features that permit programmers to create high-performance applications..NET makes it even better with tools and libraries that will make C# code simpler to write and compile and simplify deployment.

Microsoft created the language within its .NET framework, which has expanded it into the most widely used platform in history. C# can support you to achieve your goals faster than ever before, especially when you are writing video games or apps, designing software solutions, or exploring entirely new ways of creating content.

 Merits of using C# language:

  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Interoperability
  • High integrity
  • Secured language

 Demerits of using C# language:

  • High .Net dependence
  • Needs improvement in performance

 Top companies using C#: Accenture, Alibaba Travels, Intuit.



C++ is another most popular programming language out there. Using C++, we can develop high-performing web projects across multiple platforms, which includes mobile OS. It is remarkable that Apple’s iOS operating system was developed by using C++, therefore we can begin here if apps are our thing.C++ is used in the game engine Unity; the companies which develop the game is looking for people who know what they are doing won’t pause to hire people who are specialized in that language.

Merits of using C++ language:

  • Highly scalable language
  • Facilitates quick software development
  • Multiple built-in libraries
  • High Portability
  • Vast community support

Demerits of using C++ language:

  • Lack of built-in threads
  • Lack of flexibility

Top companies using C++: Amazon, Google.



Today, One of the most popular server-side scripting languages is PHP and it is loved by website developers. If anyone is interested in writing dynamic websites with WordPress, starting your profession as a web developer or adding to your existing skill set, PHP is a better opportunity to begin.


The PHP language is based on C and according to Javascript, it incorporates many concepts which make it especially easy to pick up if people have prior coding experience. Besides, PHP is free and it runs on all major platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.PHP produces professional developers with maximum flexibility when programmers write code for business websites. 

Merits of using PHP language:

  • High flexibility
  • Open-source 
  • Enhanced speed performance
  • Good documentation
  • Open-source addons

 Demerits of using PHP language:

  • Less secured
  • Lacks debugging tool

Top companies using PHP: Tumblr, Wikipedia, Slack



Since 1972, the C programming language has been used in various forms. C can be used to program on all platforms and in existence C language is the most highly regarded and widely used programming language. Its possibility makes it suitable for use regardless of what type of OS your software will run on.

Although, while C might be a significant choice when people are just getting started with coding, it isn’t necessarily a great option if developers want to quickly and easily develop complex software programs. Because of its relatively high level of difficulty and many attributes, producing code with C can be more time-consuming than other options.

Merits of using C language :

  • Open-source
  • Built-in functions
  • Portable language
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Extended functionalities

 Demerits of using C language :

  • Less secured
  • Lack of exception handling

 Top companies using C: GitHub, Twitch, Klarna, etc.




Go is an open-source project with an impressive pedigree and is also modern. Google describes Go as combining efficient ideas from programming languages like C++ and Haskell with elements in modern scripting languages like Javascript, Ruby and Python.

The Goroutines attribute makes it simpler to create applications that can handle millions of simultaneous connections without adding additional hardware or servers. Its efficiency is unparalleled for a system-level language, making it ideal for building services and quick back-end systems on which other things get built.

Merits of using Go language :

  • High-speed performance
  • Comprehensive tools
  • Fast execution
  • Vast and active community support
  • Multiple frameworks


Demerits of using Go language :

  • Low flexibility
  • Lack of generic functions support

Top companies using Go: Twitch, Dropbox, Uber



Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that allows developers to build complex applications with ease. It is mainly focused on productivity and simplicity is a better choice if developers want to build quick prototypes or small tools to automate tasks. Check out Rails(see below), if people are planning to create a full-blown product.

Rails is an open-source full-stack web framework optimized for programmer’s satisfaction and sustainable productivity. Also, Rails is a free programming language that gets easy code reuse and codes are reused by default in Rails, meaningless code duplication across projects.

At once, it makes it simpler to work on multiple projects and fast up your progress because it will take only less time to come up with new features or functionalities when programmers have so much code available at your fingertips. It is secure to say that Ruby on Rails encourages developers to create reusable components by default.

Merits of using Ruby language:

  • Rapid project development
  • Compatible with multiple frameworks
  • Well-secured
  • MVC architecture
  • Open-source

 Demerits of using Ruby language:

  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lower popularity

Top companies using Ruby: Airbnb, Fiverr, Yellow Pages



Swift programming language has been developed by Apple and also it is a multi-paradigm language that is incredibly fast and stable.It is one of the best option when you are looking to work with iOS apps on Apple devices.Although,we should note that Swift isn’t supported by all types of platforms or libraries.It only includes some Linux distributions.Before you start working with it research on this topic.

Over recent years the language is growing in popularity and usage because it is easy to use and potential for better performance.Mainly,the advantages have attracted many programmers to learn it,even though it is still relatively new compared to other programming languages.

Merits of using Swift language:

  • Low Maintenance
  • High UX
  • Advance memory management
  • Interoperability
  • Secured 

 Demerits of using Swift language

  • Low popularity
  • Lack of mature developers

Top companies using Swift: Lyft, Slack, Delivery Hero



Java is important in every aspect of web development.HTML and CSS is the next option because they both are essential to front-end web development.If you need to create websites with dynamic content always opt for a Java web development company.Each language has its own merits and demerits with lots of opportunities in the career who are passionate about programming.





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