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Automobile Cloud – Driving innovation and comfort

Offering a new way of tracking road conditions, Cloud Technology have sensed the automobile users pulse, of steering the vehicle through a smooth and comfortable path. The contribution of cloud technology to the emerging industrial scenario is immense. The cloud technology uses multi-tenancy where different resources are allotted dynamically. The elasticity, agility, on demand service, low pricing and quality of service that the cloud provides, empowers the business users to understand and negotiate with the service providers in a proactive manner.

The new automobile friendly cloud based technology is ought to span all global users by setting a cloud platform for sharing the details of latest route specific data with road maintenance authorities and other vehicle users. This probably points to a new chapter in optimizing the road traffic to a jam free and potholes free routes.

Highlighting on the technology behind, it was said that the camera system on the wind screen of the vehicle takes pictures of the potholes and the images of the road. These potholes and other breakup in the road are further scaled with the help of sensors in the suspension system. These images, dimensions of the potholes and GPS coordinates are combined to form a combined data on the cloud server.

This database in the cloud server is shared to road maintenance authorities to aid them for timely repair and maintenance of the roads. These data is also shared with the other vehicles travelling through the same route to assist them to know the condition of the road and to choose the best route possible for a comfortable drive.

Undoubtedly, the cloud powered roadways will turn out to be an avenue of safety and comfort in future.

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