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Auditing Gods Creation via Cloud

Now the question is whether it is the technological front or the Medical front that is in hype? Definitely both have pitched prodigious heights across the length and breadth of the globe. Materialization of an interdisciplinary vent of medicine and technology has created revolutions in medical practices.

The customary procedure of a medical practitioner examining a patient by feeling the radial artery for the pulse, listening intently to the thoracic acoustics through a stethoscope and measuring blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer would invariably wear a deferential expression befitting a physician for the crucial job of auditing Gods creation. The advent of cloud technology has added a new concept in the Medical practices to collect, document, access and share vital medical reports in a highly secured way.

A typical such venture in recent news is that of a Swiss drug maker who has teamed with Qualcomm a US based Technology Company for the development of internet based inhaler capable of sending information on the frequency of usage to remote cloud platform from their smart phones or tablets. This technology helps the medical practitioners to track their patients’ progress from a remote destination through cloud.

Eventually this would lead to Big Data opportunities for the medical companies to analyze the efficacy of medicines and medical equipment’s produced by them from the huge data base collected from millions of patients through cloud database. This prospect would well be utilized by the pharmaceuticals around the world to improvise their product and bespoke their service in the most realistic way.

The cloud linked devices project around the world is gathering momentum as Roche gets in association with Qualcom, Danish diabetes drugmaker Novo Nordik gets teamed with IBM, Medtronic working with Glooko, US data analytics and many similar wonderful pairing round the globe.

This breakthrough is ought to create an immense opportunity for the cloud techno front in managing “Medical internet of Things” through web connected devices. Hence cloud and cloud based technology opens a new chapter in developing a healthy life line of the global public and an immense opportunity to the technocrats managing cloud infrastructure.

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