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A collective MNC success from IPSR

IPSR solution is once again in the top headlines of placement news, all because of the extravagance of placements made through IPSR in the IT sector. As the scorching summer heat bid adieu for the heavy mansoon  to chill out the lands and minds of the people,  placement saga initiated by ipsr – aim an MNC is on with flooding opportunities for the techies. The figures of placement are quiet amazing as IPSR was successful in placing 57 students in various MNC’s through aim an MNC campaign which is designed as an extension of IPSR Finishing School programme.

To be successful in a MNC drive is not an easy task, as it demands to surpass a tough competitive edge, a proper streamlining of the technical competence, soft skills, smart direction and above all a sense of commitment of the candidate are mandatory necessities. Remarkably, the most significant fact regarding the placement from IPSR is that 47 out of 57 candidates placed in MNC are from RHCE background. This definitely is the most reliable index on the emerging possibilities that is arising in the Linux platform.

Intrestingly, one alluring achievements in recent placement news form IPSR is that 4 fabulous student of ipsr got placed in MNC’s in a short span of a week. They are  Shamna A.R. (B.Tech (EC) from College of Engineering, Perumon), Upavi E Vijay ( B.Tech (CS) from Holy Grace Academy of Engg), Shilvy Susan Samuel (B.Tech (CS), Musaliar College of Engg & Tech) got placed in Allianz Cornhill and Athira Madhu (B.Tech (CS), College of Engineering, Adoor) got placed in Xerox. As we acknowledge the potential performance it would also be a realization to identify the potentials of opportunity ahead

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