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“How old are you?”

Here is a man at the age of 70 has fallen in love. Positively, a lot of eyes may get hooked at this. The romantic counterpart is none other than the most beautiful Linux.  Mostly, all the professionals remarks on their profession as – passion and life. Here Dr. C.S. Menon lit with a pleasant smile remarks little differently. “To me Linux is not a piece of bread. It is a true friend in my solitude and a real companion in my loneliness”. He remarks the language of Linux do not strain him at all. It is quite comfortable and interesting. He feels as a learner he is just 70 years young. This attitude is really an inspirational model all, especially to those who believe that a fat age and a grey head a bar to all further learning. Dr. Menon has powered a paradigm shift in learning. Being a learner, “How old are you?”  transforms to  “How young are you”. We hope Dr. Menon could become the worlds senior most RHCE. The most sought international certification of a system engineer.



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