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2017’s Best DevOps and DevSecOps Tools

What is DevOps?

DevOps stand for Development Operations – This is a phrase which describes the agile relationship between Development and IT Operations. The purpose of DevOps is to enhance the relationship of Development and Operations by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units.

In the current IT development, delivery of apps to the market have been revolutionized by DevOps by blending software development and information technology operations to the processes and services used by IT staff, as well as their internal and external clients to fulfill their business duties.

DevOps has enabled to create an assembly line for the cloud increasing the rate at which companies can develop apps and deliver them to the users.

DevOps engineers have got a lot of options currently in the market. We are listing out 12 indispensable DevOps tools for 2017.



This is an automation engine that enables IT admins to automate parts of their daily tasks. Benefits to enterprises using the Ansible are increased accountability and compliance in their IT environments as well as innovation and collaboration among their employees. Organizations can add a step further in their Ansible deployment with  Ansible Tower, which adds control, security and other capabilities that enterprises can monitor with a UI and RESTful API.

  1. CHEF



Organizations can manage their infrastructure using this platform. The Chef Server stores  “cookbooks,” or repositories for the enterprise which has information of the desired state of the customer’s infrastructure and also details pertaining to every “node,” or network machine on which the Chef client runs and obtains configuration information. It also helps an organization accelerate the process of adopting the cloud by managing all their on-premise and cloud environments.




This is an infrastructure-neutral platform which can integrate into any environment and provides full stack portability for apps. The docker framework comes with certified containers that enterprises can use to build secure, safer applications. Organizations having their app development and production across locations running Windows and Linux can be streamlined using The Enterprise Edition



It’s focus is to streamline the collaborative efforts of software teams and to distribute tasks to it’s members. They can then leverage JIRA’s real-time, visual data to track their goals and improve their overall performance. JIRA also provides software teams with an out-of-the-box solution for shipping out software and opportunity to create their own custom workflows.


New Relic

Used by more than 15,000 customers, it helps innovate with visibility across the infrastructure. This enables developers to build apps for any language in any environment and is a comprehensive tool for data organization, visualization, and evaluation. Insights into how enterprises can optimize their technology stack through application tracking are done on the Dashboards


This is technically a SecDevOps utility. TheOWASP Dependency Check is a tool that organizations use as a Jenkins plugin and in their build infrastructure to check for known, publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. It can also function as part of the solution to OWASP Top 10 2013 A9 – Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities.



Is a technology helps organizations know what’s in their infrastructure and learn how those assets are configured in their data center, virtualized and cloud infrastructure, and containers. The changes made while the business needs evolve can be made to remain compliant with this tool. Organizations are able to automate with Puppet to scale up or down into the cloud while preserving the desired state of their infrastructure and applications.



This is a suite of IT management products which is designed to help organizations manage their dynamic IT environments.  This tools help to reduce costs , scale, and evolve as their business grows and is used  by more than 250,000 customers. They have nearly thirty different solutions specializing in network management, systems management, IT security, database management, IT help desk, and monitoring the cloud.



This is a platform that offers solutions designed with security, IT service intelligence, and user behavior analytics in mind. There is a lot of customization available with Splunk which can be done with hundreds of apps available directly from Splunk, its partners, and the Splunkbase community. Insights into how organizations can further drive their digital transformation by choosing Splunk  Enterprisez


Visual Studio

This is an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Microsoft. It allows enterprises to create computer programs like applications and services for machines running Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, the web, and the cloud. It empowers developers to write their programs, debug and test them, collaborate with one another in the entire software development and production lifecycle and release the software to the market.

DevOps and security together allows organizations to redefine their operations and engineering. This can make work together and help the enterprise grow and realize their forward-thinking goals. This should be the goal of DevSecOps, and DevOps more generally, needs to truly be about going forward.

11. GIT


This is a version control system (VCS) tool which helps developers manage their projects with speed and efficiency. Anyone can use it as it’s free and open-source.A significant feature of Git is that it has a branching model that allows developers to create multiple local branches, or pointers to a commit, that are independent of one another. These branches can be merged, created or deleted by developers as their infrastructure evolves.





This is a automation server that supports developers as they build, deploy and automate their projects. Jenkins can be used by users as a continuous integration (CI) server or leverage it for continuous delivery (CD). The platform is easy to install and configure and is customizable with nearly every type of CI and CD utility using plugins  Jenkins also allows users to distribute their work across multiple machines.

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