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11 Useful Python One-Liners You Must Know

Python One-Liners supports you to perform complex tasks with just one line of Python code. We go through some of the useful ones to know!


Mainly, Python is known for its short and clear syntax. Python is popular due to its simplicity, it’s also known as “executable pseudocode”. Using one-liner codes you can make Python programs more concise. It will be time-consuming and write code in a more Pythonic way.

1. Convert String to Integer

Using the inbuilt int() function, you can convert a string to an integer.


2. Reverse a List

Using different methods, you can reverse a list in Python 

Using the Slicing Technique

By using the Slicing Technique, the actual list is not modified, but a copy of the list is created.

3.Swap Two Variables

Using the following syntax, you can swap two variables.

Using this method, you can swap variables of any data type

4. FizzBuzz One-Liner in Python

The FizzBuzz challenge is a classic challenge. It is used as an interview screening device for software developers. In just one line of code, you can solve the FizzBuzz challenge.

5. Generate Random Password

Using the following one-liner code, you can generate random passwords in Python.

This code generates a password of length 10. Update the parameter of the range() function, If you want to change the length of the password. Also, you’ll get a different random output each time when you run the code.

6. In String Format Display the Current Date and Time

Using the DateTime module, you can display the current date and time in Python. To display the current date and time in string format here’s the one-liner code.

7. Check that if a String Is a Palindrome or not

If the original string and its reverse are the same a string is said to be a palindrome. Using the following code you can check if a string is a palindrome or not:

8. Find Factorial of a Number

n is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n is the factorial of a non-negative integer. Using lambda functions, you can find the factorial of a number in one line of code.

9. Print Fibonacci Sequence Upto N Terms

A series of numbers where each term is the sum of the two preceding ones, starting from 0 and 1 is known as the Fibonacci sequence. Moreover, using the lambda function you can print the Fibonacci series up to n terms.

10. Calculate the Sum of a List

Here, in Python, you can calculate the sum of a list using the sum() function.

11. Sort a List

Using the sort() method, you can sort a list. The below is the one-liner code for the same:

Write More Pythonic Code Using Built-In Methods and Functions

Inbuilt methods and functions support to shorten the code and increase its efficiency. There are many built-in methods and functions like reduce(), split(), enumerate(), eval(), and so on are provided by Python. Make use of all of the built-in methods and functions and write more Pythonic code.

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