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10 Most popular programming languages in 2021

The world is becoming a genius in the rapid development of Automation, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Computer programming languages are getting updated with new features now and then, so knowing the benefits of multiple languages is always an advantage to build a better career. Every programming language has its characteristics, therefore understanding different programming languages and their updates.


Python is one of the most open-source programming languages and it is a high-level programming language with code readability. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with web services and data structures are a light touch. Python contains functional and structured programming that supports multiple programming paradigms.

Django, Pyramid, and Turbo Gear are Python-based web development frameworks. In the applications of artificial intelligence, financial services, and data science Python has been used. Instagram and Pinterest are built on Python.  One of the drawbacks of Python is that it is not suitable for mobile application development. NumPy and SciPy are the packages that are commonly used in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and scientific computing. In addition, it has a wide range of applications like creating famous video games, developing 2D imaging along with 3D animation packages.

2) Java

Java is related to C and C++ because the syntax used in java is similar to those old languages. The general-purpose programming language allows developers to essentially “write once, work anywhere” and java is also known as an object-oriented and high-level programming language. Generally, Java has been used for mobile applications, web development, system programming, and big data.


Java is used for large businesses around the world and is commonly associated with client-server applications. Its scalability and portability across multiple platforms are the main attraction. As well, the key features of the Java programming language are strong memory management, high performance, backward compatibility, and top-notch security. Spring, Struts, and Hibernate have also become very popular since these are the new frameworks of Java.


Javascript is a feature-rich object-based scripting language because it is globally known as the language of web developers. Javascript is mainly used for website and mobile application development. The development of browser-based applications is done in Node.js.Javascript is used to build games and communication applications that run directly in the browser. The javascript language has dynamic typing, prototype-based object-oriented, curly-bracket syntax, and first-class functions.

JSON, jQuery, Angular, React (JS Library) are the most accessible supporting technologies related to JavaScript.Especially, Javascript is mainly used to design interactive web pages and dynamically display content to users for easy access.

4) C#

The main highlights of C# are object-oriented,multi-paradigm, general-purpose, programming language encompassing strong typing, static typing, declarative, imperative, lexically scoped, generic, functional, and component-oriented programming disciplines.is fully integrated with Microsoft’s .NET software framework. A large code library shared codebases and a variety of data are offered by is fully integrated with Microsoft’s .NET software framework. A large code library shared codebases and a variety of data are offered by C#.


.NET and Xamarin are the frameworks of C# used for building mobile applications and game development. In addition, to design web forms, windows applications, etc C# uses the framework Microsoft’s. NET. The language is suited for applications that are based on Windows, Android, and iOS since it takes the support of Microsoft Visual C++. Also, it is a highly recommended language for building 3D and 2D video games.

5) C/C++

C/C++ is an object-oriented and functional programming language that handles the low-level memory used for improving efficiency, performance, and flexibility and also it is a general-purpose programming language that works with classes.C/C++ is the root of other programming languages such as C#, Java, and JavaScript.C++ are considered as high-performance languages, as well as a powerful programming language that provides a structured approach.

C/C++ is commonly used for game development, scripting, mobile applications, especially performance-intensive tasks. The libraries like wx-Widgets, GTK++, boost, Qt are manipulated in C++/C, also provide generic frameworks. Adobe Photoshop, Google Chromium, MapReduce, Mozilla Firefox, MySQL database are the widely used applications in C++/C.The most well-known projects created with C++ are Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows.

6) PHP

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language, platform-independent, simple, and fast, also it is the easiest programming language to learn for beginners in programming. The code is easy to debug.

The highlight of PHP, it is commonly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy websites and applications. Facebook and Yahoo is an example of PHP because it is used for writing server-side scripts, programmers with high-level PHP coding skills can also write command-line scripts and develop desktop applications.

7) R

The programming language environment of R is used for graphics and statistical computing and it is free software. R is also known as the “lingua franca of statistics”.Besides, it supports the R core team and R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Especially, the language R is not only open source but also a community with Repositories on GitHub and comes with cross-platform compatibility.

Mu Sigma, Google, Twitter uses the language R.It has 10,000+ packages to cater to diverse needs. To analyze their massive data sets many companies to use the language R.

8) Objective-C

Objective C is used as an extension to the programming language C. The features of Objective C, it is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and standard programming language. Objective-C provides a dynamic runtime and the superset of the C programming language.

Objective-C is used for writing the software OS X and iOS, also it is the primary programming language. The main attraction of Objective-C is each new version of Mac OS X, and iPhone OS is full of interesting new technologies which are directly available from Objective-C to play with. The Apple development community loves Objective-C because it is a safe and secure language.

9) TypeScript

The usage of Typescript programming language is to develop transcomplies and large applications and it can help in working of both server-side and client-side execution, also it is a syntactical superset of Javascript. The types are for narrating the shape of an object and allows TypeScript to validate that your code is working, also providing better documentation.

All valid TypeScript code is also JavaScript code. Typescript compiler or Babel are used for transforming Typescript code into Javascript code. Javascript framework Angular 2.0 has been written in Typescript.

10) Swift

The replacement for Objective-C is Swift,  it is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose, and compiled programming language. Moreover, the Swift programming language is used with Apple Cocoa Touch and Cocoa frameworks interoperating a huge body of code in Objective-C.

The Apple products Mac computers and Apple’s mobile devices including the iPhone,iPad, and Apple watch are developed using Swift, which is a language of Apple.iOS and macOS applications use the programming language, Swift. Swift can be used for both client-side and server-side development and has some features like highly readable syntax and runs code quickly.


These are the top 10 programming languages of 2021, the beginners in programming get a better start in their career. The programmers can learn the ropes in these new languages. Moreover, developers get the capability to work with a variety of technologies in the world.



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