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Red Hat Certified Architect

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the Master Level Certification Program with in-depth, hands-on training for Senior Linux System Administrators enabling them to design and deploy large and complex Linux based environments. This is a capstone Certification, and shall be above RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA, RHCDS, RHCSS etc.


It is only required that pass any FIVE of the listed modules to earn this title.

    • RH 413 - Red Hat Server Hardening 
    • RH 401  - Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management
    • RH 436  - RedHat Enterprise Storage Management
    • RH 442  - Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning
  • RH 318 - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • CL210 -  Red Hat OpenStack Administration
  • RH236 -  Red Hat Storage Administration
  • JB248 -  Red Hat JBoss Application Administration
  • CL280 -  - Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Administration
  • CL220 -  - Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management


Unlike the RHCSA and RHCE certification programs, RHCA courses can be pursued on module basis i.e. each course can be taken separately and Redhat endorsement can be achieved for that particular course by taking the certification exam successfully for the same, making it convenient for senior administrators to choose their area of specialisation without going through the entire course saving money and time. This compartmental system also provides the flexibility to attain RHCA in a phased manner thus reducing the risk of taking the advanced modules at one stretch.



The training team will be led by RHCA Certified faculties. As per we have 4 RHCAs.


    Ring at +91 - 956 705 2918/+91 944729463 Or Write to bootcamps@ipsr.org


IPSR offers RHCA Bootcamps to International and Domestic students.

The new International Centre is expected to attract students looking for Advanced international certifications like RHCA from regions including Europe, Middle East and the Far East.
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It was very nice camp that i've it over there . Training was really excellent and it worth the money i spent over there. As i said to you earlier about my exam results ,(though i got only180 marks) but i've gained confidence like anything in the LINUX world. It has given me new strength to face the interviews pertaining to LINUX as well as the Clients. Once again thanks for all your support you have extended till the training ends. Wishing you a many more successful events and a great year ahead..!!

K Venkat Raman, RH 442
Lead Analyst, CGI India, Bangalore

A home away from home ! That's how I would sum up my RHCA training experience at IPSR,Kochi. From the very inception, the management and staff went out of their way to assure that my sojourn in Kochi was pleasant and comfortable in every way. The accommodation facilities suggested by Benila Madam were all fit and proper and economical, and she was also particular to enquire at all times whether I was really enjoying my stay in Kochi in all respects. I couldn't find the time to explore the city in much detail, but the little that I saw left an indelible mark on my mind.Honestly, when I set out on my RHCA journey about a year back, I had a fair amount of qualms and misgivings as to how it would all turn out, considering the hefty sum I was to spend for doing the three RHCA modules, travelling all the way from Kolkata. Self-appointed advisors had chorused that all my money would go down the drain as one can never imbibe and assimilate properly via such short term courses where the instructors simply go through the motions, treating the subject matter in a very superficial and perfunctory manner. But, how wrong they were ! Not only I, but any other candidate of our batches, would readily attest to the very thorough and painstakingly perfect manner in which all the three modules were covered by our instructor, Shri Sreejith Anujam. Here was a man who not only really knew what he was talking about but was equally keen to ensure that every student did actually absorb everything he had to deliver and get their money's worth. Our lab practice sessions always went far beyond the normal stipulated closure hours and the IPSR staff was always kind enough to extend our class timings to the extent that we might require completing our lab assignments. Needless to say, all the machines and lab equipment were measuring up to the most exacting standards. Besides, this we always availed extra practice sessions prior to exam dates, thanks again to the co-operation from IPSR staff. With their multifarious training courses going on all the time, it was not exactly an easy thing to provide extra practice lab-sessions ahead of our exams as per wishes, but our wishes were somehow accommodated most of the times.All in all, it was an unforgettable experience. For anyone intending to RHCA courses,I can think of no better place in India.

Bimal Roy Mehta, RHCA*
Director of Trail Blazers,Kolkata

Really enjoyed the RH401 course.We had enough time to get to know the rehat satellite product.The teacher was very good in explaining some of the more complex concepts of Deployment and System configuration

Mr.Renout Jerrits and Mr.Bobby Prins
Unix Systems Engineers in PROXY Services B.V,Rotterdam

The class was conducted in good ambienc,facilities,and in a nice professional way.Faculty focused upon all chapters with practical examples from the real world.People at IPSR were friendly and professional.

Mr.Rajanish Babu Bhavani
Linux Engineer, Financial Times U.K.

"It was a nice experience with IPSR for almost 1.5 months striving for RHCA.The most important thing is that the faculties are well experienced and dedicated to the work and totally helpful in delivering classes and prepare for exams.I did expertise training for RH318,RH333,RH436,RH442 and RH401.I appreciate all the efforts of IPSR from management to the classroom delivery and wish all the success in future.Keep going for more heights. Would recommend IPSR for RHCA for aspiring candidates.

Bidhun Kuthubdheen
Technical support
Etisalat, U.A.E

I got a good experience from IPSR .Sanju sir was provided too many good things. He teach well ,so i got good particle knowledge too. I'm fully satisfied

Mr.Rajnish kumar

The RH436,RH442 classes were quite comprehensive and the training instructor was quite knowledgeable. The facilities provided by ipsr was quite good too.

Thomas Joseph
IT consultant


                 I have a great experience in Kerala.Specially thanks to Benila Mam for helping for the accommodation, food & all things.Teachers are also well experienced and give good explanations.


Jaimin Joshi




                 I would like to thank you to Mr. Arun Eapen (Red Hat Trainer) and all the staff members of IPSR. I attended Training for 401 RHCA's module and really I am satisfied from Red Hat trainer and IPSR's infrastructure.

                 IPSR has provided nice lab for my 401 training. And I would like to thank Mr. Reji, Reshmi and all other staff members.

                And finally I would like to thanks to Benila Madam and Mendus sir for providing great facilities like infrastructure for training and also healthy & hygienic food.

Warm Regards,
Tejus Sevak 


"Thanks Benila for arranging my hostel accommodation and that too at a very much affordable rate. I spoke to her may times (sorry Benilla I disturbed you that many times!) which gave me the initial confidence when I landed in Kochi. By the way I even did not know difference between Kochi, Ernakulam and Cochin. I thought they are all very different. Despite such a confusing idea of Kochi I still could comfortably find my accommodation, my place of training etc.

Once again I thank Benila."

Mahesh Deshpande



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